Vacuum Heat Treatment

Highly precise parts which need to have a clean and bright surface often show a disposition for distortion. These parts are predestinated for the hardening in the vacuum furnace to receive best results. Quenching is carried out by a gas flow under high pressure. The pression can be modified considerably and as a result the quenching can be regulated softly. The tools remain bright as there is no oxidation under vacuum.


Highest demands and expectations will be realized by this way of heat treatment:

  • stability and accuracy
  • surfaces which are metallic bright
  • higher life time of the tools
  • accurate documentation of the running process cycle (even of difficult ones)
  • absolutely repeatable treatments


Our most recent innovation in vacuum heat treatment:

  • Full vacuum
  • For special alloying (PW3000)
  • Cooling
  • Hardening and deep freezing in just one unit including a complete documentation for best microstructure and corrosion resistance

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Plasma Nitriding System for High Quality Treatments