Centerless Grinding Machines

R 608 CNC

Grinding range up to 50 mm and 100 mm diameter.
Slideways fitted with prestressed bearings for high precision
Swivel of control wheel for taper grinding
Manual or automatic CNC in feed system (AC-Servo with ball bearing spindle)
CNC wheel dressing
Automatic equipments on request
Special equipment (automatic ejector, carbide work rest support, diamonds) etc.

max. Grinding diameter 100 mm
min. Grinding diameter 1.5 mm
Grinding wheel 400 x 200 x 203 mm
Regulating wheel 270 x 200 x 140 mm
Grinding wheel motor power 15-20 kw
Regulating wheel motor power, diamond dresser 3 kw
Regulating wheel motor power, grinding 0.75 kw
Grinding wheel speed 1,650 r.p.m.
Regulating Wheel speed, unstepped 16 – 85 r.p.m.
Regulating wheel speed, diamond dressing 500 r.p.m.
Diamond dressing hydraulic motor 0.36 kw
Inclination +5° -2°
Basic inclination for tapered grinding +5°
Base size, with coolant tank 2500 x 2130 mm
Approximate net weight 4,000 kg